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Adding Users to your Account or Project

Invite your peers, team mates, guests, or clients

The information below pertains to paid accounts. Please note the free account is for individual non-commercial use and allows only for a single member.

Inviting Members to an account

On paid accounts, the owner can add members to the overall account. Account members will have 'Admin' Privileges across the entire account so they will be able to see and edit all projects that belong to it.  This is intended for supervisors, directors or instructors, which need to have visibility into the entire organization.

To invite members to your account, go to your user image, click on 'Your Account Settings', then click on 'Members' (top right) [insert video tutorial]

Inviting Members to a project

Any account member can also invite users to individual projects under this account. Members who are invited to specific projects can only access and see those.

To invite members to a specific project, select the project in the 'Projects' dropdown, then click on 'Users' (top right). This is also where you set the project public/private.[insert video tutorial]

Removing Members from Accounts

You can at any time remove a member from a project your manage using the same users menu by clicking the little 'X' button next to the name. This member will no longer be counted towards your Member Limit.

Permissions & User Access Managment

While adding users you can assign roles and permissions.

We differentiate between

  • viewers - can only view

  • reviewers - can only view and review

  • members - or 'team members' are users who can edit/upload items

  • admins - can manage users, their privileges and create/delete items

  • owner - admin with billing responsibilities

In case you need a reminder while adding users, you will be able to click the little question mark next to 'User Access'. 

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